Bible Study

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What's this about?
Who is it for?

This Bible study is intended for active social media users who want to understand their own usage and their hearts behind it. 

12 Weeks Through the
Sermon on the Mount

Each week, the study walks through the 5 I's (Our Intentions, God's Idea, Social Media's Influence, Kingdom Intersection and Implications For Us) as it relates to passages in Matthew 6-7.

Weekly Themes:
  • Week 1: In the Beginning

  • Week 2: Living in the Light

  • Week 3: Hidden in the Lord

  • Week 4: Longing for Glory

  • Week 5: Pursuit of the Heart

  • Week 6: In Control of the Kingdom

  • Week 7: Approaching the Throne

  • Week 8: Searching for Satisfaction

  • Week 9: The Better Way

  • Week 10: Knowing the Truth

  • Week 11: Walking in Faith

  • Week 12: Put Wisdom into Practice

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Let's Get Started!
  • Gather a group of friends who are also interested in exploring their social media usage and their motivation behind it

  • Listen to the podcasts as an additional resource as you lead and/or work through the material

  • Download the PDF and begin to work through the content!