Week 1
00:00 / 28:50

Scriptures: Genesis 1, Genesis 3, Genesis 11

Focus: Unpacking the heart behind the Bible study.

Living in the Light
00:00 / 28:53
Week 2

Scripture: Matthew 6:1-4 (Giving to the Needy)

Focus: How do we live as people that carry the light of Christ?

Week 3
Hidden in the Lord
00:00 / 28:52

Scripture: Matthew 6:5-15 (Prayer)

Focus: How do we build intimacy with the Lord by being in the Lord?

Week 4
Longing for Glory
00:00 / 28:37

Scripture: Matthew 6:16-18 (Fasting)

Focus: What does it mean to satisfy the longings of our hearts with the glory of the Lord?

Week 5
Pursuit of the Heart
00:00 / 28:41

Scripture: Matthew 6:19-24 (Treasures in Heaven)

Focus:  How do we fix our hearts on the treasures of heaven?

Week 6
In Control of the Kingdom
00:00 / 26:43

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34 (Do Not Worry)

Focus:  How do we release our control and trust the One who is in the control?

Week 7
Approaching The Throne
00:00 / 25:52

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-6 (Judging Others)

Focus:  What does it look like to take ourselves off the throne of our own lives and put Christ on it?

Week 8
Searching for Satisfaction
00:00 / 25:33

Scripture: Matthew 7:7-12

Focus:  What are you looking to be satisfied by in our world? Where do we see the intersection of Christ and social media?

Week 9
The Better Way
00:00 / 26:05

Scripture: Matthew 7:13-14 (The Narrow and Wide Gates)

Focus:  How do we walk on the path that leads to life as we follow Christ?

Week 10
Knowing the Truth
00:00 / 25:56

Scripture: Matthew 7:15-20

Focus:  How do we identify confusion and deception in our world today? What does the Bible have to say about THE truth?

Week 11
Walking in Faith
00:00 / 26:16

Scripture: Matthew 7:21-23

Focus: How do we cultivate our faith and hope in Christ alone?

Week 12
Put Wisdom Into Practice
00:00 / 26:47

Scripture: Matthew 7:24-27

Focus:  How do we put all that we've learned into practice?